About ToCasting

We are a group of people who are keen on creating a fairly like-minded community for talents, creators, producers, etc. We firmly believe that technology can help the performing arts industry work more efficiently, communicate more easily, and have a more transparent workflow. Our team has experts from the American Film Academy, production companies, and engineers in the technology industry. We merge people and technology together, to build a better environment for people who love performing arts.

Why do we do this?
ToCasting was founded in Los Angeles in 2017. We met with many talents who either graduated from a performing arts academy or came from other countries, to learn the advanced filmmaking techniques and culture of Hollywood. However, they have to overcome many difficulties and obstacles during this process. From then on, we decided to build a platform to help these talents, to better express themselves, find more opportunities, and grow their career path.
Special thankful
Without the help of our friends, we cannot become what we are now. We love the movie industry and we will continue to stay humble and appreciate all the help and support from our friends, directors, producers, professors, casting directors and etc. Love you all, and we strongly believe that this diverse community will become bigger and bigger. We will be united more than ever.