Created by: Yichi Zhang Created on: 01/10/2020

Project name

UCLA School of Television, Film and Theater
Casting a UCLA MFA directing short film “Dream Lollipops”. UCLA电影学院奇幻亲情短片“ 好梦棒棒糖” ( 暂定名) 召集演员。 Shanghai. 1941. Yan and Su are a mother-daughter duo selling picture lollipops they paint to make a living. To hide the cruelty of the war and their life, Yan tries hard to create a fantasy world for her daughter. However, with the arrival of a stranger customer Luo Ming, the dream Yan has built starts to collapse. 民国年间,言和苏是一对以贩卖手绘棒棒糖为生的母女。为了保护女儿免受生活和战争的伤害,言费劲心思维护着编织的童话世界。一位陌生顾客罗明的造访,让美好的梦境有了坍塌的危机… Audition: Time: Monday January 13, 2pm-6pm. Rehearsal: Time based on actors schedule. Actors need to be available for at least 2 rehearsals prior the shoot date. Shooting: Time: 02/21/2020 - 02/25/2020, 5 days with standard 12 hours/day. Please send headshot and resume to Sides will be sent out in a following email.

Role name

TV Studio 3, Melnitz Hall, UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, 235 Charles E Young Dr E, Los Angeles, CA 90024
20 ~ 35
cm ~ cm
Luo Ming (20s) approaches Su and Yan with a secret mission - to find out the truth underneath the fantasy. He is gradually moved by Su’s innocence and impressed with her talent, but has to finish his task and makes a decision that will harm Su and her family. It is required that the actor speaks Mandarin Chinese. 身带任务的罗明试图接近言和苏一家,发现隐藏在童话下的真相。在这个过程中,他逐渐被苏的纯真善良以及她的天赋打动,却也不得不选择完成任务。演员要求说标准普通话。