Created by: Kexin Cai Created on: 01/09/2020

Project name

New York Film Academy
Description: A New York Film Academy filmmaking thesis film, a 90-minute feature comedy that’s to be filmed in March. Will be distributed on one of China’s top streaming platforms. Logline: An unexpected adventure and a hilarious journey in Hollywood for a young and unsuccessful Chinese actor.

Role name

New York Film Academy Room 413, 3300 W Riverside Dr, CA 91505
22 ~ 28
cm ~ cm
Lingling: supporting, Asian and speaks very fluent Mandarin. Yiming’s ex-girlfriend, very beautiful and caring. She lives alone abroad for many years, so she learns to be independent, tough and rational. But she stills yearns for a shoulder to rely on. She has been in a relationship with Yiming since high school but breaks up with him because of a long time of long-distance relationships.