Created by: Xinyi Wu Created on: 02/05/2020

Project name

Looking Glass
五年前,吴孟夫妇在一场出乎意料的车祸中失去了在美留学的儿子。时过半载,夫妇俩人再度踏上美国这片陌生的土地。此次出行,两人安排了跟儿子器官受捐者的会面,但是加州的山火扰乱了他们的出行计划。阴差阳错中,一个美国姑娘决定帮助夫妇前往约书亚树国家公园赴会。在路途当中,夫妇和姑娘在彼此间发现了他们所缺失的一部分。但是慰藉与温存是短暂的,这三个人之间跨越界线的爱能否帮助他们面对过去的伤痕和不可知的未来? Five years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Wu's son died in a car accident while studying abroad in the US. Half a decade later, the couple re-embarks on a journey to America, where they plan to meet the organ recipient of their son. However, the wildfire in southern California disrupts their plan. Out of the blue, a young American woman decides to help the couple by driving them to Palm Springs. On their way there, the couple and the woman realize in each other what their lives have been missing. They find solace in each other's company, but their time together is fleeting. Can the transgressive love between strangers overcome their past wounds for a hopeful future?

Role name

45 ~ 55
cm ~ cm
吴女士来自一个上海附近的小渔镇。作为家庭中唯一的女孩,和其他三个弟弟的姐姐,她从小就学会了如何男人与世界打交道。她在23岁时结婚,比她丈夫大一岁。现在,她在家乡经营一家小型服装企业。她与她的儿子走得很近。她的设计背景影响了儿子在大学里学习艺术决定。虽然儿子的逝世让她痛苦万分,她依然决定兑现他临终前的的愿望——将他的骨灰撒在美国。但是她丈夫一再反对,她最后决定让步。随着时间的流逝,她慢慢从悲痛中恢复了过来。 Mrs. Wu comes from a small fishing town not far from Shanghai. She is the older sister of three other younger brothers. As the only girl in the family, she had learnt how to deal with boys and men at a young age. She married her husband at the age of 23. She is one year older than her husband. Now she operates a small clothing business outside of Shanghai. She was really close with her son and her background in design influenced her son into studying art. Even though she was devastated by the death of her son, she wanted to honor his wishes to scatter his ashes across America. However, her husband objected and she decided to concede. As time passed, she has recovered from her loss.