Created by: Xinying Lao Created on: 10/02/2019

Project name

NYU Graduate Film
It is a silent, 4-minute long film. 故事大纲:一个男人偶然路过他儿时和好友玩耍的地方。多年过去,物是人非。他决定再次玩起儿时的游戏,来纪念不再在他身边的,他最好的朋友。 A man happens to pass by the place where he spent time with his childhood best friend. Over the years, everything has changed. He decides to play the games of his childhood again, to remember his best friend who is no longer with him. Shooting Date: 2 days between 25th Oct. and 27th Oct.

Role name

no pay ( but can negotiate)
6 ~ 10
cm ~ cm
Child Elliot: 6-10 years old. Vivacious. The actor can be union or not. The child should be able to follow the instructions of the director. Child Elliot: 6-10岁。活泼。 有无表演经验都可。 孩子需要听话,能够能听从导演的指示。