Created by: Weishan Xiao Created on: 10/22/2019

Project name

This is a graduate student thesis project. Production Date: Nov 16th, 2019 Logline/Synopsis Laid off by the studio, Superman interviews as a food deliveryman for a start-up company turned out to be owned by his exploitative ex-boss’s daughter Lily, who resembles her dad 100%. The table gets turned when the world is actually coming to an end.

Role name

CSULA MUSIC BUILDING ROOM 115 - 5151 State University Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90032, United States
Copy, Credit and Meals
18 ~ 35
cm ~ cm
Born to the owner of DC studio, Lily grew up badly spoiled. Everything coming to her life way too easy has made her believe that the world runs the way she wants. Growing up alone in a rich family and heavily influenced by her father, she doesn’t care about anybody other than herself. Social norms don’t apply to her. She has the confidence that she’s on top of the world, without knowing her ignorance as well as arrogance come off as stupidity. Money and fame is all she wants.