Created by: XIN JIANG Created on: 11/16/2021

Project name

San Francisco State University
Casting "New Year Gummy," a student film. Synopsis: Lee is a 30 years old gay man. In order to escape the marriage pressure from his parents, he resigns from his job in China and uses his savings for many years to study in San Francisco. The Chinese New Year is approaching, and his mother arranges a special meeting for him. It turns out that his father's friend's daughter is also studying in San Francisco, and his mother wants to match the two. When Lee was about to meet the girl at home in order to satisfy his parents, a handsome young guy messaged him. After a thoughtful consideration, Lee decides to meet the guy first then meet the girl later. However, things get out of control after he accidentally takes the edible gummy from the guy...... Production states: "We are a group of film students from different Asian countries and regions, including China, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, this wonderful story brings us together and make us want to turn it from a script into a motion picture."

Role name

San Francisco/Zoom
19 ~ 31
cm ~ cm
Lee is an international student from China. In order to escape the pressure from his parents to urge marriage, he quits his stable job and starts a new life in the United States. Lee is cautious in everything but also willing to take an adventure. Note: This role requires make out with another male role including kiss. Actor doesn't need to speak Chinese.