Created by: Kexin Cai Created on: 01/09/2020

Project name

New York Film Academy
Description: A New York Film Academy filmmaking thesis film, a 90-minute feature comedy that’s to be filmed in March. Will be distributed on one of China’s top streaming platforms. Logline: An unexpected adventure and a hilarious journey in Hollywood for a young and unsuccessful Chinese actor.

Role name

New York Film Academy Room 413, 3300 W Riverside Dr, CA 91505
25 ~ 33
cm ~ cm
Richard: supporting, 27, Asian and speaks Mandarin ((doesn’t have to be as fluent as local Chinese). Lingling’s new boss and her potential date, rich, handsome and outstanding in career. He is gentle, well-mannered and righteous. Richard normally is calm and rational, though he always doesn’t know what to do about Yiming when he acts out of ordinary. After Lingling is kidnaped, he volunteers to be a part of the ‘saving team’ with Yiming and Wei.